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Cancer needs to be conquered but how?

A group full of promise with about 450 doctors as members who, for the past 8 years, through their clinical research efforts, have been coming up with fundamentally new solutions to illnesses.

Message from the Chairman

As we enter the third millenium, our society is more than ever confronted with a scientific challenge such as we have never encountered: to conquer cancer, which is the second biggest killer in France.
Because cancer is a major unresolved public health problem, we are all affected by the response that attending physicians can contribute these days.
Perceiving that therapeutic advances were moving too slowly, were too fragmented, and that results were too scattered, in 1997 we created Gercor, to offer other solutions to people affected by cancer.
In an effort to ensure that any patient has access to our treatments, we have created a network that now counts about 450 attending physicians in France and throughout the world, with a light, independent and dynamic structure as its core, which is well suited for fulfilling our objectives.
Finally, we have created this website as an asset for physicians in their practice and to provide a serious basis of information for patients and their family.


  • About 450 investigators
  • More than 250 private or public centers in Europe
  • More than 14 partnerships in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • 13 permanent employees, 5 of which are clinical research officers