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Legal information

Gercor is governed by the French 1901 law and was registered on 1997, May 9th in Paris, France.

Our Bylaws

The purpose of this association is to improve the care of patients affected by cancer by developing clinical research in the scope of an independent, multidisciplinary and multi-focused group. For this purpose, our group encourages individual initiative, facilitates the implementation of and performs international-level studies selected by a scientific council set up by the internal rules.

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Our Board of Directors

The association is managed by a board of directors made up of 24 members elected by the general meeting from among the members of the association.

Our Internal Rules

Our internal rules are drafted by the board of directors to set the procedures for performing the Bylaws and the association's activities. These internal rules are binding upon all the members of the association.

Our Goals

The spirit : to encourage initiatives for studies and to assist in implementing them after consensual agreement on their feasibility.

The goals : to improve to improve the care of patients by developing clinical research in the scope of a multidisciplinary and multi-focused group by performing therapeutic tests throughout the world.

  1. Therapeutic innovation for direct therapeutic benefit
    The group concentrates on phase II and phase III studies that lead to therapeutic benefit.
    Other research, such as the study of prognostic factors may be done on the basis of the patient data collected in these studies.
    The group also contributes to fundamental work on tumor biology, markers and pharmacokinetics.

  2. Tumor sites involved
    Priority, while not exclusive, is given to therapeutic protocols in digestive and gynecological sites.
    The group also offers studies for rare tumors.

  3. Dynamism
    The group needs to have first and second-line therapeutic studies in all the important sites.
    These studies may be done sequentially or simultaneous, depending on the patient cohorts required and available. For an outside project of major interest or for rare tumors, the group can take part as a collaborator.

  4. Openness
    The group is committed to allowing the involvement of motivated physicians, wherever they practice, in the private or public sector.

  5. Promotion
    The group's modus operandi aims to encourage the inclusion of young motivated and able doctors.

  6. Realistic approach
    The work methods, based on a selection and assessment committee, must avoid studies which are either without much value or which are too complicated and must halt studies that stray too far from the objectives, whether in terms of result or recruitment.

  7. Multidisciplinarity
    The group includes medical oncologists, radiotherapy oncologists, organ specialists and surgeons. It is also open to other specialists whose work involves research on cancer.

  8. Ethics and regulation
    Gercor members and participants have familiarized themselves with the laws and principles surrounding clinical studies and have made a commitment to comply with the regulations and to adhere to good clinical practices