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Our mission
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A network of physicians
who aim to provide optimal cancer care 


Mobilizing abilities

To optimize patient care, the founding members of Gercor understood that they needed to:

  • pool their abilities on joint projects and optimize the dissemination of their results
  • create a huge network of investigating physicians from both public hospitals and private practice,
  • promote the inclusion of young doctors who are interested in clinical research.

To satisfy these objectives, Gercor was founded in 1997 out of the merger of two clinical research groups that had operated independently for 10 years.

  1. Le GERCOD : the Study and Research Group into Ovarian and Digestive Cancer,
  2. l'IGOR : Inter-Group for Oncology and Radiotherapy.


The doctors who are members of Gercor treat all types of cancerous tumors, whether they are medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, organ specialists or surgeons.
Other specialists whose work involves cancer research are also welcome.

A booming world-wide network

More than 250 private or public centers currently participate in Gercor studies,
An average of 450 doctors who are members of Gercor share their knowledge and activities in order to develop clinical research aimed at preventing and treating cancer.
Gercor conducts studies nationally and world-wide.
Gercor's goal is to promote international cooperation with foreign physicians and the application of its treatments :

  1. on a European scale: Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Denmark
  2. on a global scale: Israel, Australia, Canada and the USA .

Gercor prepares publications in French and English in specialty journals and plays an active part in international congresses (both oral presentations and poster sessions).

An independent and dynamic organization

Gercor is an independent non-profit organization, governed by the French 1901 law.
Operating costs are kept low :

  • a central office in Paris houses the administration and secretariat,
  • a mobile team of clinical research officers who verify data collection from each study at participating centers.
  • a data management unit.

To enhance and expand its activities, Gercor will recruit additional full-time employees so that it can meet the criteria of professionalism set by the group.